Joseph Py Dunn

this website [ongoing]

I have been interested in HTML for a few years. This is 5th website I have coded completely from scratch. This website, being quite basic in its design, may have a few issues - such as not being particularly mobile compatible.
Hosted using Neocities. Other sites I have made can be shared upon request as few are still online.

tables [2024]

Sketches, scanned.

figure sketches [2024]

Two sketches practicing figure and form.
Sketches, scanned.

blue sketches [2024]

A collection of sketches from my notebook all linking to a recurring dream I had been having. An accompanying short story and poem is in the works.
Blue pencil crayon on paper, scanned.

thinkin' 'bout fruit [2024]

Photoshop drawings of a variety of fruits. By reducing natural 'products' to their packaging and obscuring their form we discover their new form in the modern world.
Drawn using trackpad, tracing images sourced from my 'recently purchased' tab on the Tesco website.

put me to sleep [2024]

yorkshire country song - sad songs from the dales [2023]

A parody song portraying a Yorkshireman lost in America down on his luck.

[zoom to read lyrics]

This is one of the first songs I have written and certainly one of the first songs I have performed and recorded. A collaboration with Ruairi McLean, Lilly Hill, and Ed Warrington.
Links to the song can be shared upon request due to hosting restrictions on audio files.

sine wave experiment [2023]

Sounds generated by me using a sine wave generator with digital electric piano being added in Garage Band using the keyboard player. Visuals generated with the built in iTunes audio visualiser.

digital tapestries [2023]

An ongoing series of experiments in pixelart, creating small patterns. Drawing from a variety of influences such as quilting, cross-stitch, and knitting patterns, I aim to create a collection of small motifs to be used in other works, such as to accompany audio/music based experiments/projects.
Created using Photoshop 2024

leeds lino [2023]

Linoprint done onto blue cardstock. Done when I first moved to Leeds, this print depicts my first night in Leeds.

this-cat-looks-like-a-person [ongoing]

Ongoing submission based project where people submit cats (and occasionally dogs) that look like people.
Find me on instagram if you want to submit your own cat or one you've found feel free to message me there.

work experience mural [2022]

For my work experience I worked as part of a Production Design team making murals that would be used to cover the back of venders' stalls. This is an example of one of the murals I helped create, I worked alongside another member of the team, Kirsty. She designed the pattern digitally and I helped transfer the sketch onto the dust sheets so we could paint them.
Watered-down emulsion paint on dust sheets.